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Distribution and Manufacturing

APS Logistics needed a new management information system, in order to enhance and develop their customer services, storage and distribution operations. The Distribution and Manufacturing module enables them to record information in much greater detail, and to generate reports which provide a deeper breakdown of individual functions and activity than was previously possible.

The remit for APS Logistics is to deliver the right item to the right place at the right time and to be able to report on every movement/transaction in a varying degree of details as determined by their client. 

What our client said...

"De Facto has been an excellent partner in producing and enhancing an IT system that is flexible enough to cope with anything we find to throw at it. Personally, I’m more than happy to recommend this solution to prospective new clients."

Graham Thornton, Logistics Director,

APS Group

For APS, De Facto ERP has proved to be a flexible system, and one which has enabled them to increase the flexibility of their managed solutions. It easily accommodates the widely varying scale and details of their clients. For example, at one end of the scale, APS stores just 40 items for despatch to 300 delivery points, while at the other end, more than 2000 items are held in stock and delivered to over 2000 locations.


APS needed to strengthen their project and customer relationship management. Prior to utilising De Facto’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, APS were using Outlook to record project dates and organise staff and documentation. The organisation of a project and the dates would simply be blocked on Outlook’s calendar feature and all related project information would be disparately located across various spreadsheets and work documents.

The implementation of De Facto’s CRM module and consolidation of all this information means they can access documentation from one place, along with the better management of staff involved in a particular project. APS have also benefited from the integration between Job Costing and CRM allowing them to record staff time against project events using time sheets. 

What our client said...

"I’m pleased to say that any issues we’ve had have always been dealt with promptly, efficiently and – most importantly – without any noticeable impact on our ability to deliver excellent service to our customers."

Graham Thornton, Logistics Director,

APS Group

What our clients say about us

The ERP system is easy to use and does everything one would expect. Together we have enhanced it to suit our needs. This has led on to many other innovative projects that are embedded in our business.

John E Fells
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I thought I’d let you know that last month was a pretty big record for online sales – over 20% up on the previous best month! I think this figure is testament to the quality of the work done on both sides.

Hill's Panel Products
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De Facto has been an excellent partner in producing and enhancing an IT system that is flexible enough to cope with anything we find to throw at it. I’m happy to recommend this solution to prospective clients.

APS Logistics
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