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Stock Control Software

Full Integration


Seamless integration with the core ERP system expands the functionality of De Facto® Stock Control

  • CRM integration equips your product control team with features such as supplier chase reminders and complaints handling capability
  • Handle storage, duty and inspective charges efficiently within the De Facto® financial suite
  • Base management decisions on the most up-to-date information: transactions are updated between modules in real-time
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More Detail

Full integration of the De Facto® Stock Control Software eliminates the duplication of data entry between modules and provides real-time updates and postings of all transactions, ensuring that your management decisions are always based on the most up to date information. Full integration extends beyond simple transactions. Many standard features such as those listed below; provide a solution that is more than the sum of its parts:

Filing Cabinets

Provide online access to product images, data sheets and drawings.

Product Metrics

Provide the ability to store specific information per product type enabling users to search easily and select the correct product for client’s requirements or to publish product category data in concise grids to websites.

Product Restrictions

Enable the availability of product to be restricted to groups or individual customers.

Customer Specifications

Match customer’s requirements to only use products from pre-approved suppliers.

Supplier Specifications

Restrict the sale of specific products from suppliers to nominated customers.

Version Control

Specifications offer version control over documents and drawings issued and received from both customers and suppliers.

This information enables anyone to handle directly all manner of information requests. The combination of customer and product setup will also be applied to setup both fixed and default processing values for such information as Warehouse, Units of Measure, Quality and Haulier.

CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration provides the product control team with a wide variety of functionality such as supplier chase reminders, complaints handling, new product creation processing and a wide variety of configurable workflow options.

Financial Integration

In common with all distribution modules Stock Control is integrated on a real-time basis with the Financial suite. Postings are configured via highly flexible nominal interface tables, which as well as providing for the normal postings can be configured to handle a wide variety of additional postings, such as:  

Cost Accounting

Handling storage charges, duty and inspection charges.

Quantitative Accounting

To allow quantity based data to be budgeted and analysed alongside value based data.

Production Integration

Allows bills of materials, production planning, works order processing and outside processing functionality to all be fully integrated with the core Stock Control module.

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