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Expediting and Enquiries


Dedicated features ensure handling expediting and enquiries is as efficient as possible

  • Access the expediting drill down at any time – simply click the product code
  • Make the most effective use of available product thanks to facilities such as temporary reservations and splitting and combining future movements
  • Benefit from detailed visibility of product allocation and availability, including ‘available to promise’ quantities
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In De Facto® Stock Control Software the Expediting drill down is available wherever there is a product code.  This gives instant and direct access to the product’s current stock levels in any warehouse, future planned movements with consequent free stock levels and details of stock batches held, together with all historical data.

Additional facilities are available for making temporary reservations against stock, splitting and combining future movements to ensure the most effective use of available product. The Expediting window also provides easy visibility and maintenance of stock and orders which are being picked in the warehouse or are involved in back-to-back transactions for sales, production or awaiting issue to a job.

Product allocation and availability

De Facto Stock Control Software provides detailed visibility of product allocation and availability including 'available to promise' quantities and the ability to control required and available delivery dates against orders. During data entry the user will (if required) be alerted when insufficient stock is available to meet the requested shipment date.

The Expediting window provides features to enable adjustment of the product queue ordering and even the splitting of order shipments, to fairly distribute short supply product between customers. 

Real-time allocation, reservation or picking is available during order entry. These features provide the ability to allocate the order line to specific physical stock or forward purchases of product that are due in. This is especially useful when offering unique pieces of stock or when guaranteed product availability is required. The Expediting window makes it easy to view the quantity 'available to promise' or the system can be set to issue alerts if there is insufficient stock.

Stock Control Software

A Sales Order commitment horizon can be set in the system, within which available stock is automatically committed against orders. This helps prevent the tying up of valuable stock against forward orders if they are beyond the horizon set.
The scheduled delivery date can default from the transport routing system for a sale order’s delivery point. 'Hold until' dates on orders can be combined with complete shipment requests to further control the delivery date of an order.

Product and Order History

As with the Expediting features, a dedicated button gives instant access throughout the Distribution and Manufacturing suite to product and order history, viewed by customer, supplier or product. This window also offers instant answers to product tracking issues for example, establishing where a particular stock receipt has been used.

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