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Dedicated reporting and analysis features provide valuable insights into the productivity of your sales order department

  • Analyse historical, budget and forecast data in comprehensive sales order reports
  • Integration with De Facto® Business Intelligence utilises the power of SQL Server Analysis and Reporting services
  • Generate reports on-demand or automatically distribute based on pre-determined schedules
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Comprehensive standard reports provide essential reporting with further user-definable analysis and reporting available from the De Facto® Business Intelligence module. This utilises the power of SQL Server Analysis and Reporting Services to produce reports from both the database and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes. The OLAP cubes provide instant analysis based on a multi-dimensional model, placing instant answers at your fingertips.

Reports can be on-demand or automatically distributed based on pre-determined schedules or even triggered via the SQL Server database to be run as alerts when required.

Reports can analyse historical as well as a variety of budget and forecast data. Dimensions can be configured for any data but specifically for sales analysis, they will include any required product, customer and order dimensions.

All data can also easily be accessed from Microsoft® Office directly, or exported to Microsoft Office from within De Facto® vistas or BI+ reports.

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