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With more than 15 options that can be tailored to your business, this module is highly configurable

  • Hold prices in multiple levels of lists with up to 10 pricing bands per product
  • Assign fixed discount groups to products and link these to specific suppliers
  • Additional options include variable prices per unit of measure, ability to set overall fixed level of discount and a price and discount hierarchy
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Within the Purchase Order System, the Pricing and Discount features offer a wide variety of configurable options. Prices are held in multiple levels of lists each containing any number of products with up to 10 pricing bands. You can combine these with fixed discount groups that are assigned to products, both of which can then be linked to suppliers. These are then applied based on a parameter driven hierarchy.

There are a large number of options to enable how prices and discounts are set; the key features are:

  • Unlimited number of price / discount lists by supplier, supplier grouping or global
  • Advance set up of new price / discount lists, using validity dates
  • Hold prices in multiple currencies and up to 5 decimal places
  • Allow variable prices per unit of measure
  • Multiple products can share a single price point
  • 10 levels of quantity breaks per price list
  • 10 levels of price bands per list
  • Vary prices based on total weight, value, or quantity of products within a group using group based bands
  • Flexible setting of prices and discounts based on configurable data calculations
  • Automatic price list maintenance from negotiated price records and price list imports
  • Optional update of price lists from Purchase transactions
  • Handling of customer specific cost prices enabled by price support from the supplier 
  • Set overall fixed level of discount by supplier
  • Exclude specific products from discounts
  • Set price and discount hierarchy

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