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Handle orders, goods receiving and invoicing within the De Facto Purchase Order System

Efficiency & ease

De Facto® takes the chore out of order and invoice processing

Purchase Order System

Orders, Goods Receiving and Invoicing


De Facto’s enhanced functionality equips your purchase order team to handle a variety of scenarios

  • Suggested orders can be automatically generated based on historical, forecast and current data
  • Comprehensive workflow solution: more than 10 options that can be configured to suit your business
  • Monitor costs and save money with the transport price comparison feature
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More Detail

This is the core of the De Facto® Purchase Order System. Specific features are configured to provide your team with enhanced functionality to handle many scenarios that occur in business:

Auto Generate

Provides you with a quick and efficient way of generating suggested orders based on pre-configured, flexible and sophisticated 're-order' formulae that takes into account historical, forecast and current data.

Back To Back

Enables the De Facto Purchase Order System to automatically generate and maintain the required sales orders for direct fulfilment of sales or works orders. This is especially useful if you work within a trading organisation, or in the handling of non-stock or customised products.

Direct / Drop Shipment

Allows you easily to organise the direct shipment of an order from your supplier to your customer, on your behalf.

Contract Orders

Provide you with an easily controlled method of managing fixed quantity contracts with variable delivery dates where you will 'call off' as you require shipments to be made. These call offs can also be mirrored via back to back orders with customer contracts. The overall status of the contract is always maintained with this information and is readily accessible.

Scheduled Orders

Allow you to specify required delivery dates to suppliers, for each order line based on either a single drop or any number of forward scheduled dates.

Outside Processing

Orders that have been generated on a back to back basis from De Facto Manufacturing Software can be processed, including the handling of free issue materials and 'added value' charges.

Workflow Options

De Facto® Purchase Order System provides a comprehensive workflow solution which can be configured to suit your own business processes, supplemented by additional levels of control with process status and workflow controlling events. Most steps can be individual or batch based. Each step provides further configurable options to optimise the flow to your business requirements.

Permissions are created in the De Facto Administration module for 'users' and 'groups' to allow specific authorisation rights, e.g. order value.

Purchase Order Software

Workflow options allow you to:

  • Produce manual or automated purchase orders
  • Utilise multi-level approval workflow procedures
  • Use manual or automated Order Transmission
  • Use routing and map based transport planning, to arrange for collections when required
  • Receive Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASNs) for deliveries due
  • Input and process Goods Received Notes (GRNs) with related data
  • Handle all manner of additional landed costs including duty
  • Issue goods directly to Sales Order Processing picking
  • Produce put away lists or issue instructions to Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Match and process invoices from individual or consolidated GRNs

Delivery Schedules are configurable to calculate delivery charges based on consignment weight, size and volume, combined with the haulier or carriers’ distance and area bands. Transport price comparison features enable the user to select the most effective haulier.

Landed costs functionality will provide integrated accrual handling for freight, duty, purchase commissions, royalties or storage charges. Late cost charges can also be applied after the goods have landed and the change in cost applied to the stock.

All business documentation output from De Facto Purchase Order System can be generated to any design, and in many forms, such as email, print and EDI with multiple formats such as PDF, XML etc. These options can be set globally and / or defined by supplier, using the powerful document profile options.

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