De Facto® Purchase Ledger Software helps you work efficiently with your suppliers

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De Facto® helps you work efficiently with your suppliers

Purchase Ledger Software


Centralise supplier information and handle your accounts easily and efficiently

  • Gain instant access to supplier trading history, including previous products and purchases in addition to financial transactions
  • Experience powerful Goods Received Note matching (GRN) and payment control functionality
  • Save time and reduce errors: pre-configured wizards enable accurate set up of new supplier records
  • Manage cash flow more effectively thanks to the system’s ability to generate detailed multi-currency aged creditors reports
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The De Facto® Purchase Ledger account record allows the recording of all supplier information and defines how you, as an organisation, work with your supplier. This record includes, for example, all addresses and contact information. Further options will control the handling of that supplier’s account from financial, payment processing, distribution, pricing, manufacturing and technical perspectives.

View supplier trading history

The supplier record also provides instant access to the history of, not only their financial transactions including payment control, but also their product and purchasing history.

Speed up order entry

Integration with the Distribution functionality will give the ability to, for instance, define a template Purchase Order to speed up data entry or to define the supplier’s internal product code, mapping to your own, for use with external facing documents and processes.

Strengthen payment control with De Facto

The Purchase Ledger offers powerful Goods Received Note matching (GRN) and payment control functionality. Risk is reduced by automated matching of supplier purchase invoices against GRNs and the relevant accrual postings. The system also provides the ability to automatically hold items that have been subject to any query or customer return. The system stores supplier credit terms and prompt settlement discount details to allow payments to be made in the most efficient way.

Work efficiently to save time and reduce errors

For efficient working, pre-configured wizards can be created to enable accurate set up of new supplier records. Fast entry fields are also defined to speed up transaction entry in repetitive tasks such as overhead invoice entry. Supplier level nominal account code and cost centre restrictions can be applied to ensure that only the correct codes can be applied to postings.
The integration to the Document Management System will provide document storage facilities for Invoice Scanning and integration into approval workflow processes using the CRM module. The Document Management System can also be configured to streamline expenses claim and payments systems, this application can also use iPhone Apps for field based data capture when required.

Decrease time spent and increase accuracy

The payment process is efficient, for example by emailing auto generated remittances. Security control can separate the invoice handling processes from the payment and bank handling facilities to prevent mistakes and enhance fraud prevention.

Report comprehensively and incisively

Current and historic purchase and payment information is accessed through the Purchase Ledger and detailed multi-currency aged creditors reports are produced to assist in managing cash flow.

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