Nominal Ledger Software - Full Integration

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Benefit from real-time updates between modules

Nominal Ledger Software

Full integration


Enjoy enhanced efficiency when your financial suite is integrated with the core De Facto® ERP system

  • Eliminate the duplication of data entry between modules and save time
  • Real-time updates of all transactions ensures management decisions are based on the most up-to-date information
  • Posts are configured via highly flexible nominal interface tables within De Facto® sales and purchase order modules
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Full integration of De Facto® Nominal Ledger Software eliminates duplication of data entry between modules and provides real-time updates and postings of all transactions, ensuring that management decisions are always based on the most up to date information. Full integration extends beyond simple transactions. Many standard features such as those listed below provide a solution that is more than the sum of its parts.

Distribution and Manufacturing suite integration

In common with all De Facto modules, the Nominal Ledger is integrated on a real-time basis with the distribution and manufacturing suite. Postings are configured via highly flexible nominal interface tables within the Sales and Purchase Order Systems and the Stock Control module which, as well as providing for the normal postings, can be configured to handle a wide variety of additional postings, such as:  

  • Delivered Cost Accounting
    Handling commissions, transport and royalties

  • Sales Order Commitments
    Forward contract commitments

  • Discount Postings
    Allowing discounts to be accounted for as a cost

  • Price Support
    Handling variable cost prices for standard products

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