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Document Management System


Handle and manage both electronic and paper-based documents with ease

  • Some documents can be processed automatically, so there is less of a need for tedious data rekeying
  • Reduce storage costs: scan hard copy documents and then destroy them
  • Documents can be linked to relevant data in De Facto® ERP for easy retrieval
  • All documents can be barcoded, ensuring organised storage
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Handle and manage documents
with ease

The De Facto® Document Management System allows you to handle both electronic and paper based documents within the De Facto ERP system.

Documents received by email, such as customer orders, can be simply uploaded into a relevant location for easy retrieval. Hard copies of documents, such as supplier invoices, can also be barcoded, scanned and stored.

The system can be configured to process certain documents automatically which reduces data rekeying, improves accuracy and improves responsiveness.

Store emailed and downloaded documents in the relevant location

Emailed and downloaded documents can be stored in a relevant location, easily accessible to relevant users.

The Document Management System provides fast, simple document storage within the De Facto filing cabinets (provided for all primary data types) or storage as attachments to Events in the Customer Relationship Module (CRM).

Scan then destroy hard copy documents to reduce storage cost

Hard copy documents can be scanned and barcoded, then stored within De Facto in a relevant location. These can then be “shared” around the business which removes any need for copying. In most cases the originals can be destroyed meaning expensive filing cabinets are converted into hard disk storage in dedicated devices on your network. This reduces storage costs and, more significantly, reduces time spent filing and retrieving documents.

The system also allows for routine and easy backups to be taken of all data, which are not able to be amended, and therefore ensures that all document storage can meet the required compliance standards.

Find what you want when you want

When documents are stored they are automatically linked to relevant data for subsequent retrieval. Documents will be directly accessed from any related records with the De Facto ERP system.

This means a copy of a customer’s sales order will be a couple of clicks away in the De Facto filing cabinet on the sales order window itself. The same applies to supplier invoices which are located within the Purchase Ledger Software invoice filing cabinet. 

Automatically process documents

With the De Facto Document Management System, documents stored either in file server directories or mail server mailboxes can be used to drive information directly into the De Facto ERP system for automatic processing without the need to rekey data. This has many and varied applications, for example to:

  • Process expenses from Excel spreadsheets
  • Create sales orders from received files in CSV, EDI, and XML or Excel formats
  • Store proof of delivery information and then automatically release sales invoices
  • Automate storage of product and other images into the De Facto online Content Management System
  • Automate recording of email messages into De Facto CRM Events

Use existing or own choice scanner equipment

The system is scanner independent with the chosen option simply saving image files (JPEGs) into specified job folders. De Facto then reads the file using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or barcodes to identify key filing data before converting the file to a PDF for storage within the system.

The standard version of the Document Management System includes simple OCR and barcodes with the advanced version providing additional sophistication to handle lower quality images and handle poorly printed material.

Full Integration

The document management module is fully integrated into all De Facto ERP modules and fully configurable to use all De Facto filing cabinets and CRM event types.

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