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Distribution and Manufacturing


Improve the efficiency of your logistics team with a highly configurable, user-friendly solution

  • A cleverly designed system that gives directors an immediate and comprehensive overview of productivity
  • Dedicated features enable you to drive sales, maximise margins and minimise costs
  • Pre-configured wizards and fast entry templates reduce data input times while improving accuracy
  • Real-time updates in a centralised system produce incisive reports and analysis
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Evolve your business with De Facto®

The De Facto Distribution and Manufacturing Suite provides your logistics team with a highly configurable, user friendly solution; enabling them to take control of the life cycle of a product – through from initial purchase order to the delivery to customer. The system is cleverly designed to give the directors an immediate and comprehensive overview of “how the business is running”.  This enables great customer service and also lets you evolve your business, ultimately leading to improved profitability. 

As well as Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order System and Stock Control modules, the suite has comprehensive Warehouse Management, Manufacturing and Transport Management modules. All modules share many suite-wide features.

View information and transactions in real-time

Accurate information is consistently available in real-time, enabling smarter, better informed business decisions, which really empower you to evolve the way you operate. Modules within the Distribution and Manufacturing Suite are fully integrated with the Financial Suite, with instant updates to data or processed transactions. Essential information is always clearly visible without the need to open additional windows. Drill downs instantly take users to the source transactions.
Historical and current information is available from within the same screens. Management reporting is always up to the minute and key De Facto reports can be reproduced retrospectively.

Drive sales, maximise margins and minimise costs with De Facto

Each module in the Distribution and Manufacturing Suite is designed to drive sales, maximise margins and minimise costs, with a brief overview being:

  • Sales Order Processing

    The Sales Order Processing customer window is the logical starting point for customer interaction. Orders created by your customer services team, placed on your website or loaded directly from customers are all centralised in one place. From this single focal point all customer enquiries and transactions are then efficiently handled. When entering data you can view the predicted margin and also use profit controls to restrict and authorise low margin transactions.

  • Purchase Order Processing

    In the Purchase Order System, De Facto shows you what you need to buy, when you need to buy it (including expected lead times) and the prices, discounts and rebates already negotiated in a user friendly way. Re-order methods can be configured, call offs from supplier contracts can be made and the system can also generate back to back purchases for specific sales orders.

  • Stock

    The De Facto Stock Control product expediting window maintains a running free stock picture, providing instant answers based on up-to-date information including 'available to promise' and the ability to fairly distribute short supply product between customers. Multiple units of measure can be defined for a product, which can be a hierarchy of quantities of a counted item or can be discrete packs of the same material with a variable weight, volume or linear dimension. Cradle to grave traceability allows tracking of a product from source, through multiple production levels, to the end customer and even consumer.

  • Transport

    You can maximise vehicle utilisation and reduce costs with the Transport Management module which shows Free capacity in the load planning window. The system holds and compares a number of schedules with individual distances and rate bandings, by carrier and haulier, to highlight the lowest cost solution for deliveries.

  • Warehouse Management System

    The Warehouse Management System enables you to run efficient, well-managed and cost effective warehousing with instant tracking of stock as it moves in, out and around warehouses. Scanning of barcodes/RFID tags leads to huge improvement in accuracy and entries created in mobile devices by warehouse staff are instantly updated in the De Facto ERP system. Warehouse staff can be managed effectively with the system prompting their next task.

  • Manufacturing

    Production planning functionality allows production processes and employee productivity to be optimised whilst still meeting customer demand and controlling stock levels of finished products. Multiple bills of material for a given product can be stored to allow support for different scales and types of manufacturing process. The system automatically generates works orders from production planning or sales order processing. These clear production instructions form the basis for the work to be carried out by the production team and control the stock of parts being used in the process.

Decrease time spent whilst improving accuracy

In key areas such as products, the essential information is clearly visible and drillable from a single screen without the need to open additional windows. Consistent screen displays, drop down lists or powerful De Facto Vista data selections ensure efficiency and speed of operation. Pre-configured wizards or special entry windows can be created throughout the Distribution and Manufacturing Suite to enable records (such as new product or customer records) to be created in a business specific way. Fast entry fields are also defined to speed up transaction entry in repetitive tasks. The time saving “base on” facility also enables existing data to be used as an entry template.

Report comprehensively and incisively

Real time update of data allows up to the minute reporting. Each module contains comprehensive standard reports which can be sorted, formatted or filtered by the user. De Facto Vistas are also available throughout the Distribution and Manufacturing Suite allowing the user to build ad-hoc reports or view those that have been previously defined. De Facto Business Intelligence (BI) will allow a fantastic variety of additional reporting and graphing outputs to be developed. Full integration to Microsoft Excel is available for those that prefer to prepare and present information via spread-sheets.

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