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Benefit from the Microsoft® SQL Server Analysis and Reporting Services that power De Facto® Business Intelligence

  • Fast reporting – slice and dice data using pivot tables and graphs
  • Business rules can be built into the cubes and company specific terminology can be employed
  • Easily create a variety of reports, including interactive, tabular, graphical, geographical and free-form
  • View reports anywhere, including within ERP, Web CRM, Info Wall and on your website
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De Facto's Business Intelligence (BI) software leverages the tremendous power of Microsoft SQL Server, using its Analysis Services (SSAS) and Reporting Services (SSRS), to report on De Facto data sources. The module is available for systems based on SQL Server 2005 and upwards, with SQL 2008R2 and SQL 2012 offering a wider and easier to use range of features.

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS):
Fast answers to big questions

SQL Server Analysis Services provides a series of pre-configured multi-dimensional OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cubes. The cubes offer immediate access to large amounts of data that have been pre-analysed to allow both fast reporting and the ability to slice and dice reports using pivot tables and pivot graphs.

As well as providing its own pivot-based tools, the BI module also makes it extremely easy to build OLAP based data pivots and charts within Excel, which are directly connected to De Facto data sources.

A consistent view of information

Pre-defined cubes can be provided for sales, purchasing, financial, production, stock and marketing information. These cubes can be tailored to specific requirements encompassing the data dimensions (the things we analyse by) and data measures (the numbers we analyse), for a business.

Company-specific terminology can be used to describe both measures and dimensions. Business rules can be built into the cubes to remove the end users' need to know anything about the database. In addition to business rules, cube level security can be applied to hide certain measures or restrict data based on particular dimension values.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS):
Drive action through targeted reporting

SQL Server Reporting Services provides a full range of ready-to-use tools and services to help you create, deploy, and manage reports for your organisation, as well as programming features that enable you to extend and customise reporting functionality.

User-generated reports are built with the easy to use SSRS 'Report Builder', which generates reports that can be deployed throughout the Business Intelligence suite. More sophisticated reports can be built by IT professionals using the SSRS 'Report Designer', which leverages the full power of SQL Server Reporting Services.

Business Intelligence (BI) Software

Rich and flexible reporting

Reporting Services can create interactive, tabular, graphical, geographical or free-form reports from the main De Facto database, or any of the SSAS OLAP cubes. Reports can include rich data visualisation, including graphs, charts, maps and sparklines. You can publish reports, schedule report processing or access reports on-demand. You can select from a variety of viewing formats, export reports to other applications (such as Microsoft Excel) and subscribe to published reports.

Write once, deploy everywhere

The reports that you create can be viewed over a web-based connection or within the De Facto ERP application or even displayed online from a De Facto created website. You can also create trigger driven data alerts on reports and receive email messages when report data changes.

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