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ERP System User Restrictions and Security

Ultimate security

A multitude of options to ensure you can control and track user actions

ERP Platform

System User Restrictions and Security


Dedicated security options in De Facto® ERP ensure users can only see and do exactly what they need to

  • Put the powerful SQL Server security options in the hands of your systems administrator –  or De Facto® can provide this role for you
  • Protect your system by attaching passwords to each user profile and enabling your systems administrator to control what they can access
  • Keep track: easily access a history of process data changes, including user number, date and time
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Restrict users to see and do exactly what they need to

De Facto® database security is provided using powerful security options in SQL Server, which ultimately lie in the hands of the business’s systems administrator. If requested the administrator role can be performed by De Facto.

Protect your system with passwords

Users log into De Facto using system held passwords or using windows authentication. The administrator creates Profiles allowing access to specific areas of the system (such as modules, menus, sub menus, activities, reports and Business Intelligence). For ease of update multiple users are attached to one or more Profiles.

View process data changes

Each time a process is performed (such as creating a sales order or posting a receipt) the system records the user number, date and time. This is accessible within the relevant screen by clicking on an information button.

View system data updates

Additionally any system data updates (such as updates to a price list or configuration parameter) can be optionally tracked and alerted within the ERP system.

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