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ERP Platform

External Integration


De Facto® sits comfortably at the heart of a fully integrated IT and Business Environment, supporting numerous technologies

  • Configuration options for integration with active directory, TAPI, e-mail, web browsers and contact records
  • Supports integration with third party systems too, via the web or file-based integration
  • Save time: Normal Data import and expert facilities allow data to be saved, eliminating the need to re-configure each time
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Integrate business technology for modern, efficient working

Any ERP system can only be truly successful if it lies at the centre of a fully integrated IT and business environment. Therefore De Facto® supports and encourages the use of the following technologies.

  • Active Directory
    Enabling a single sign on to computer and De Facto Application, LDAP support can also be configured.
  • TAPI
    Telephony / CTI integration enables outbound dialling wherever a telephone number is displayed. Inbound calls can be configured to identify the caller and to 'screen pop' a specified window to speed up call handling.
  • E-Mail
    De Facto ERP can be configured to use SMTP or will work with a variety of e-mail client applications.
  • Web
    De Facto can be configured to integrate with web browsers so that any linked web sites or pages can open at the click of a button.
  • Exchange
    Integration services are supported for synchronisation and replication of contact and appointment records.

Integrate your systems with third party systems

To be part of a truly successful supply chain a business needs its ERP system to integrate its own processes with those of third party’s such as customer, suppliers, hauliers, warehouses and even governments. To enable this De Facto ERP supports all manner and forms of integration and data formats.

  • Integration using
    Web Services, utilising the De Facto Integration Services layer. 
    File based using either e-mail or ftp, the automation of which can be done using the De Facto Document Management engine.
  • Data formats using
    EDI / XML / TEXT (CSV,TAB or Fixed Length) or any other data format type can be used.

Normal Data import and export facilities are also provided for both static and transactional data. Once configured these can be saved if required for repeated usage, eliminating the need to re-configure each time.

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