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ERP Platform

Application Design


A well-thought-out design ensure all information within De Facto® ERP is presented in a clear, consistent manner

  • Well-presented, easy-to-navigate menus and windows make De Facto® an intuitive interface
  • De Facto® Web Windows allow a completely customised  view of currently relevant data from any data source
  • Highly configurable: no need for a bespoke solution – it’s easy to configure the software to suit the needs of your business
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Use well presented, clear and consistent menus and windows

The De Facto® ERP system provides well presented, clear and consistent information through windows that have many standard powerful features that are offered throughout. All modules and windows offer consistent menu structures and toolbar button areas. Data selection browsers and lookups are achieved using powerful De Facto Vistas, which offer a fully configurable method of searching for, filtering and selecting data.

Vistas will allow easy searching for data within multiple fields such as the ability to search for part of an address regardless of which field it is stored in. This can also be useful when searching for products or customers etc and needing to use synonyms such as a customers previous name or products OEM part number.

The application is designed to minimise the number of windows required to both input and review business transactions. Powerful features such as the De Facto Web Windows allow completely customised views of currently relevant data from any data source to be presented to a user to lead and guide them through their business processes.

One “out of the box” solution - configured rather than customised

Flexibility is provided in every ERP module to allow a business’s requirements to be met without the need to customise the software. This is accomplished through comprehensive options and parameters that control every aspect of how the system works. This flexibility includes the ability to extend the core De Facto database and to incorporate data from other third party sources.

Keep your system up-to-date with free upgrade releases
To keep up to date with new technology, De Facto developers constantly enhance the core ERP system. Enhancements also allow us to provide customers with requested special functionality to move their businesses forward. This tried and tested process upgrades the standard core application, rather than resorting to bespoke development.

The Development approach ensures that all customers can upgrade to run from a single release of the De Facto ERP solution. De Facto regularly offers free upgrade releases to customers as part of their Annual Support Contract. This protects the investment that customers have made in De Facto ERP.

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