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Location, location

Manage multiple sites and warehouses in De Facto®

Stock Control Software

Warehouses & Locations


Attain excellent visibility of stock across an unlimited number of locations and warehouses

  • Assign a code to each individual warehouse and location and use the system’s hierarchy to define the relationships between them
  • Improve control: configuration allows you to restrict products to permissible locations
  • Define more than 10 properties for each unique location, including capacity, type and picking order
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De Facto® Stock Control Software allows configuration of unlimited warehouses to encompass:  

  • Storage

    for standard warehouse requirements including the ability to handle storage charges  

  • Bonded

    for product held under bond, special facilities exist in terms of reporting, control and accounting  

  • Mobile

    for use with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) to locate product that is on forklifts or vehicles

  • Virtual

    for goods in transit or on water  

  • Consignment

    for product held by customers or owned by suppliers  

  • Asset

    used to handle the location of all Assets

De Facto warehousing uses a hierarchy that allows the definition of multiple sites, which can then be divided into multiple warehouses, each with multiple zones within which are multiple locations. Product can be permitted within any warehouse or can be restricted to allow control over permissible locations. When a product is 'registered' in a warehouse it may have minimum and maximum quantities or days of stock specified, which can then be used in auto replenishment calculations for purchasing or re-stocking.

The location codes are assigned in a structured manner, based upon up to six dimensions or elements. Additional options are available to handle automated carousel based pickers.

Warehouse Stock Control

Each location can have associated properties to control the:  

  • Picking order

    Orders the picking lists and Warehouse Management System picking task instructions

  • Picking lock

    Stops a location being used for picking

  • Put-away order

    Orders the put-away lists and WMS put-away task instructions

  • Place lock

    Stops a location being used for placing stock

  • Location capacity

    Used in selection of put-away location

  • Location type

    Used in selection of put-away location

  • Product restriction

    Constrain the location to containing a single product

  • Batch restriction

    Constrain the location to a single batch

  • Pick face product

    Links the location to a pick face product and UOM

  • Minimum and maximum

    Used to calculate pick face replenishment

The Stock Control module forms the platform for a fully integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) which is also integrated into the Sales Order Software and Purchase Order System to use handheld technology for scanning of all stock movements within the warehouse, improving levels of accuracy for all types of warehouse process.

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