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Stock Control Software

Traceability and Quality Control


A comprehensive range of facilities makes managing traceability and quality control simple

  • A variety of types of tracking can be handled, including serial, lot, batch or consignment numbers
  • Powerful ‘cradle to grave’ traceability system enables you to track products from source to the end customer and even consumer
  • Create fully configurable quality assurance structures and link them to product groups
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Where an operation requires control over separate batches, lots, consignments or individual products, De Facto® Stock Control Software provides a comprehensive range of facilities - in terms of traceability, quality control of purchased materials, manufactured items and sold product. Rotation Numbers are automatically applied to each incoming batch, which is then supplemented by a physical ID for each block of stock that is extracted from the originating rotation.

Product Traceabilty

Serial, lot, batch or consignment numbers are just a few examples of the types of tracking that can be handled by De Facto. As well as recording basic tracking information, additional data such as manufactured by, use by, and best before dates, or quality assurance data such as temperature or specifications can be defined.

The data captured against a batch can extend beyond this basic data to include product test results, notes and images. Tracking documentation such as release notes and certificates of conformity can also be produced for outgoing product and stored for incoming materials.

The 'cradle to grave' product traceability system is extremely powerful and will allow the tracking of a product from source through multiple levels of production to the end customer and even consumer. Product recalls are therefore easily handled and true consignment profitability becomes a simple process.

Shelf Life

Product shelf life issues are also easily handled, with the system able to define the minimum life required when receiving into stock from a supplier per product, as well as the life required when picking orders per customer and product.

Serial Numbers

Work in much the same way as product tracking batches and are for single items or pieces of equipment.  As well as a serial number these can be allocated other properties such as software version or licence information.

Options are provided to allow serial number tracking information to be gathered during goods inwards or, for high volume environments, on dispatch or on return from a customer through the Returns Material Advice process.

Traceability and Quality Control Software

Batch Status

Multiple batch statuses can be defined to allocate against a batch to be held under quarantine, or perhaps released to a customer under licence. Warehouse and product restrictions may be imposed, defining what may be done with a batch of a given status, e.g. preventing despatch of products with a certain status.

Quality Control

A full configurable quality assurance structure can be created. This is based around multiple quality profiles which are linked to product groups. Each profile allows test methods to be defined and data to be recorded for each sample or batch tested. Positive release facilities are available including conditional and restricted use options. Quality control data capture can be through the normal entry windows or via Radio Data Terminal (RDT) handheld devices.

Batch Type and Quality

The De Facto Distribution and Manufacturing suite provides optional methods of segregating stock, based on its current or intended usage. Types, for instance, can be used to differentiate saleable and loan stock within a single product code. Qualities could be used to select certain batches of product for customers based on their quality rating and respective requirements.

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