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Stock control software - stock checks, movements and transfers

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De Facto® gives you outstanding visibility of stock levels

Stock Control Software

Stock Checks, Movements and Transfers


Dedicated types of stock movements enable quick and flexible processing of transactions

  • Save time: transactions with financial implications are automatically updated to the integrated Nominal Ledger
  • Process stock transfers and checks using handheld devices thanks to excellent integration with the Warehouse Management System
  • Transfer functionality moves stock easily in the system and can be used to quickly generate movement instruction paperwork
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De Facto® Stock Control Software provides a number of dedicated types of stock movements to enable quick and flexible processing of all types of transactions.
Transaction types with financial implications are immediately updated to the Nominal Ledger Software when posted. In addition to normal stock based accounting, additional accounting entries may be automatically posted using Contract and Delivery Terms for landed and delivered costs. For example these could be used to accrue storage, movement and inspection charge costs.
The integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows stock transfer and stock checks to be issued and processed using handheld devices.

Stock Adjustments

Allow the user to adjust product in and out using pre-defined reason codes to control the accounting behind the adjustment, whilst Delivery Terms can be used to calculate and apply other costs and charges.

Stock Transfers

A variety of options are provided for product, warehouse and location transfers. Transfer functionality moves stock easily in the system and can also be used to generate movement instruction paperwork. System transfers also allow changes to product formats such as unit of measure, quality or type and also allow other costs to be added to the transferred stock.

Issues and Returns

Allow movements to and from customers and suppliers to be managed for a variety of reasons. As with other movements these can be analysed and accounted for using pre-defined accounting and terms.

Stock Revaluation

Functionality can be used to apply and account for a re-valuation of stock, this can use automation formulas that can be used to calculate the value change or final price of the product. Additionally the process can be used to add other costs to the stock, such as storage and handling charges.


Stock Control Software

Stock Checks

Facilities exist for both complete and perpetual stock checking on either a product or location basis. These include the ability to produce detailed or blind checking reports and to handle recounts. Discrepancies can be quarantined until resolved. Once counts have been checked, adjustment processing is also automated.

The counting data capture process can take place manually, using spreadsheets or via the integrated Warehouse Management System.

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