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Our flexible, easy-to-use interface makes transaction processing fast, accurate and efficient

  • Product details and customer preferences are provided on screen, so transactions can be processed in real-time during customer calls
  • Save time: a ‘base on’ feature allows entry templates to be created from existing data
  • More than 20 dedicated features to make transaction entry more efficient, including Postcode Address Finder (PAF)
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De Facto® Sales Order software provides a flexible, easy-to-use interface, enabling fast, accurate and efficient transaction processing. It has been designed to allow you to directly process transactions in real-time during the handling of customer calls. All product pricing, stock availability, customer product preferences plus related information is provided on screen.

You can enter orders or quotations directly, or simply use the enquiry option. You can save the entry as an enquiry, full quotation, or process as an order.

A consistent interface ensures efficiency and speed of operation, commencing with customer identification, using the powerful 'vista data selection' or 'telephony integration'. Customer selection may then alter the entry process to ensure that it complies with any previously set customer specific options. These options might be compulsory order numbers, compulsory contacts or product quantities to be in 'Cases' as opposed to normal 'Units'.

The time-saving 'base on' facility enables existing data to be used as an entry template, as well as allowing easy identification of products the customer has stopped ordering.

Transaction entry provides a wide variety of features to enable efficient processing. Some key features are as follows (more may be found within the Distribution suite’s feature listing and more generically within the De Facto® ERP Platform features list):

Single Screen Input

Using configurable 'Wizards' you can create customers, addresses, contacts, products and Bill of Materials based kits at any stage of the transaction entry process. One-off addresses can be entered for a specific transaction, especially useful in B2C transactions and drop shipments.

Postcode Address Finder (PAF)

Postcode based address finding enables you to easily create correctly formatted and verified addresses.

Common Addresses

These are pooled addresses, which allow sharing of common delivery points between customers when despatching to freight forwarders or consolidators.

Definable Types

Provides a way for business specific types of transaction to be handled for input, processing, accounting or output. This may, for instance, be used to have a special type of order for 'Samples' or 'Goodwill exchanges'.


Allow the use of customer-specific order entry templates, to provide simple quantity based entry against a pre-defined list of template products. This is especially useful where customers regularly purchase from a core list of products. Previous transactions can be used to provide a similar template.

Product Searching

Vistas provide you with the best way to select data. In this case, products can be selected based on any criteria, e.g. property filtering, restricting products to what is available or showing products previously purchased by the customer etc.

External Codes

These allow you to use the customer's own product codes for data entry and if required their own descriptions; these can also be used on customer facing output from the system and are often used to provide multiple foreign language descriptions of products.

Units of Measure

Multiple units of measure can be used for the same products. The product and customer dictates the correct units of measure to be used for both quantity and pricing purposes.

Associated Items

These allow you to automatically add associated products to a transaction, for instance adding manuals or power cables to a product line for a computer.

Alternate Items

These allow you to easily discuss alternate products with a customer. This is useful when up / cross selling, or dealing with out of stock items.


These ensure that you observe any customer based restrictions that are to be applied. This is often used where large groups restrict the products you are allowed / approved to supply to their delivery points.


Will enable you to build a product which is made from multiple components within a sales order and calculate its assembled price. Alternatively, you may load a Bill of materials (BOM) as a default kit for modification to suit the customer. When processed, kitted items either generate works orders within the De Facto Manufacturing module or alternatively the kit's components may be picked as an integral part of SOP.


You may enter a customer transaction reference against each transaction along with a line reference for each product line. This is especially useful in large transactions and tenders.


These are defaulted from the product data but may be customer specific or calculated from other data (when required) or ultimately can be overridden by the user.


Notes can be input and displayed on all business documents at the header, footer and product level. Glossaries are provided to assist with setting of standard content.


You can view the predicted profits and margins during transaction entry. This may be supplemented by a haggle facility that allows margins to be easily managed and negotiated by providing all of the required information within the haggle window. This can be enhanced by the use of the profit controls to restrict and control authorisation of low margin transactions.

Data Display

Weight / Volume and other values can be calculated and displayed in real-time based on product metric values.

Entry Advice

A variety of alerts can be configured per product and customer combinations. These allow you to banish post-it note reminders and memos.


During entry all essential information is automatically displayed within the sales entry window. Additional data displays can be configured within 'web windows' which display related data in real-time. Data can be drawn from within De Facto or elsewhere and can include product images, sales history, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data, recent quotation activity etc.

Special Entry

Special entry windows provide a customisable interface to this key data entry area of the application. This allows fine tuning of the data entry process (pre-built alternatives are provided).

Special Offers

Allow you to configure and control a wide variety of promotional offers including 'buy one get one free' or 'free product choices' etc.

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