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Automated Product Re-ordering makes life easier

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De Facto® automatically re-orders products, saving valuable time

Purchase Order System

Automated Product Re-Ordering


Configurable functionality enables you to purchase products or re-order existing lines in the most effective way

  • Suggested orders are generated automatically along with detailed reports to assist decision making
  • Expediting window provides direct access to the latest information about specific products before the re-order is submitted for approval
  • Fine-tune the system continuously to optimise for each product group with increasingly sophisticated formulas
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More Detail

The De Facto® Purchase Order System provides configurable functionality so that you can purchase new products or re-order existing lines in the most effective way.

The system automatically generates suggested orders and provides detailed reports to assist your decision making. This functionality utilises 'Re-Order Methods' which are assigned to each product.  Re-order methods are described via a spreadsheet style formula which is able to look at all fixed and variable data associated with the product. The data considered includes:

Static Information

  • Minimum level
  • Maximum level
  • Days stock to be held
  • Minimum re-order quantity
  • Ideal buying quantity
  • Lead times, estimated and actual


Current Information

  • Actual level including use by dates
  • Due in commitments
  • Due out commitments


Historical Information

The option to use history from predecessor products

  • Historical actual usage over multiple time periods
  • Historical optimised usage based on 100% availability
  • Historical missed sales over multiple time periods


The Purchase Order System allows the buyer to select the items to be checked for re-ordering by, for example product, supplier and warehouse. Once the calculations have been performed a display will show the recommended purchase order and the information on which this is based.

From this, the buyer can focus on the fine tuning of the order, with the Expediting window being available to give direct access to the very latest information regarding specific products, before they submit the order for approval or to the supplier.

This system can be fine-tuned continuously to optimise for each product group with increasingly sophisticated formulas being evolved to minimise stock levels whilst maximising customer fulfilment levels.


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