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Drive growth with the De Facto Purchase Order System

Drive growth

De Facto® keeps the purchase order process running smoothly

Purchase Order System


Increase the efficiency of purchase order processing with our highly configurable, user-friendly software solution

  • Outstanding visibility: De Facto® shows you what you need to buy and when you need to buy it
  • Telephony integration enables quick identification of suppliers, meaning your purchase order representatives are always prepared
  • Full control: configure individual buyers’ purchase order value limits and minimum profit rules
  • Easily optimised to suit your business needs – no need to resort to bespoke programming or third-party add-ons
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Faster, smarter, better.
Evolve your business with De Facto®

The De Facto® Purchase Order System provides you with a highly configurable, user-friendly solution; enabling you to save time, improve responsiveness and take control within this critical aspect of the business chain.

Accurate management information is consistently available on a real-time basis, enabling smarter, better informed business decisions, which really empower you to evolve the way you operate.

Gain outstanding visibility from a single focal point

The De Facto® Purchase Order System shows you what you need to buy, when you need to buy it (including expected lead times) and the prices, discounts and rebates already negotiated in a user-friendly way.

To improve business cash flow and reduce risk, the system allows you to maximise sales and avoid missed sales whilst minimising stock holding.

Buyers can quickly call suppliers using telephony integration. When negotiating with suppliers, the supplier window will equip your team with a logical starting point for all interaction, providing instant visibility of all contact information, recent, open transactions and full Supplier Relationship Management records.

From this single focal point all supplier queries and transactions are then efficiently handled. If the supplier calls you, this window will automatically open (via telephony integration).

Optimise your processes through configuration

The extensive configuration features enable transaction, data entry and workflow processing to be optimised ensuring smooth and efficient generation of orders and returns handling.

De Facto ERP extends this to your supplier and product specific requirements that control all relevant aspects of data entry and output. You can also configure individual buyers' purchase order value limits and minimum profit rules (with management override) to ensure full control over the buying process.

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Information that delivers answers

Having the answer is critical for success, which includes being able to calculate accurate stock requirements quickly and being able to confirm detailed product specifications to suppliers easily. With the De Facto Purchase Order System, you know the cost value and sales potential of buying commitments by product type, supplier or as specified, which is essential for cash flow as well as reducing supply chain risk. 

The essential information is always clearly visible without the need to open additional windows. This can be extended to update information from suppliers via De Facto websites, or receive it from them via De Facto Electronic Document Assistant automated email processing.

You can even provide your supplier direct access to update information from their systems via the De Facto integration services.

Parameter based configuration

The De Facto® Purchase Order System is the standard solution that is optimised to your business needs. Utilising the powerful features found within the De Facto® Distribution suite and throughout the ERP Platform overall allows you to evolve your business without resorting to bespoke programming or third party add-ons.

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