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Dedicated financial reporting allows users to report comprehensively and incisively

  • Enjoy flexible and intelligent formatting of reports without the need for spread sheets
  • Run a wide variety of financial reports, including Audit Lists, Turnover, VAT SSD Intrastat and more
  • Leverage the power of Microsoft SQL Analysis and Reporting Services to report comprehensively and incisively
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Comprehensive Standard Reports

Comprehensive standard reports can be run for specific periods or transactions and include: Audit lists, Selective transactions, Statements, Aged Creditors, Turnover, Nominal analysis, Exchange rate audit, Contract commitments, VAT SSD Intrastat. All reports can be produced for the current or previous periods and can be previewed on screen to modify before printing.
The Purchase Ledger includes the De Facto® Vistas as a powerful and easy way to select, sort and display data from multiple tables.

Business documents

Business documents such as self-billing invoices, remittances, cheques and statements with details formatted in a specific way, containing company logos, can also be produced.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Purchase Ledger reporting is also available from the De Facto Business Intelligence solution. This utilises the power of SQL Server analysis and reporting services to produce reports from both the database and On Line Analytical Processing cubes. The Purchase and Financial OLAP cubes provide instant analysis based on a multi-dimensional model, so give instant answers.
Reports can be on demand or automatically distributed based on pre-determined schedules or triggered via the database to be run as alerts when required.
Reports can analyse historical as well as a variety of budget and forecast data. All data can also easily be accessed via Microsoft Office directly, or exported to Microsoft Office from within De Facto Vistas or BI reports.

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