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Enjoy a highly configurable, user-friendly interface that saves time and enhances cash flow control

  • Experience improved financial control, with excellent transparency and accountability
  • Accurate information available in real-time, enabling you to make smarter business decisions
  • Improved confidentiality and reduced risk of fraud thanks to comprehensive security controls
  • Pre-configured wizards enable records to be created quickly and in a business-specific way
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Faster, smarter, better. Evolve your business with De Facto®

De Facto Financial Software provides your finance team with a highly configurable, user-friendly solution; enabling them to save time, improve responsiveness and take control of cash flow, management reporting and regulatory compliance. As well as Nominal, Sales and Purchase Ledger modules, the suite has comprehensive Banking, Job Costing modules. De Facto Financial Software is multi-company, multi-currency and multi-period. All modules share many suite wide features.

View information and transactions in real-time

Accurate information is consistently available in real-time, enabling smarter, better informed business decisions, which really empower you to evolve the way you operate.  Modules within the Financial Suite are fully integrated with the Distribution and Manufacturing modules. Essential information is always clearly visible without the need to open additional windows. Drill downs instantly take users to the source transactions. Historical and current information is available from within the same screens.

Strengthen financial control with De Facto

Each module in our Finance Software enables the Finance Director to improve financial control. Cash flow is effectively managed and risk is reduced. The transparency with which information is viewed enables you to immediately drill down to the source transaction and to drill around from a source to see how it has been accounted for. The Finance function will genuinely contribute to the profitability of the business.  

  • Flexible set up of the Nominal Ledger allows swift and reliable business specific reporting.
  • Sales Ledger functionality speeds debt collection with automated credit control reducing risk.
  • Purchase Ledger functionality creates accurate payments and ensures only valid and approved purchase invoices can be processed for payment.
  • The Job Costing module ensures that a business manages Jobs, Contracts, Projects or Brands profitably, irrespective of their number, size or duration.
  • The Banking Module allows full visibility of all cash.

Comprehensive security controls throughout the accounting system improve confidentiality and reduce risk of fraud whilst still allowing the finance team to operate efficiently.

Authorisation controls and workflows are provided to control the ability to, for example, execute payment runs. All financial transactions enable separation of data entry, approval and posting responsibility, through the use of batch controls. Additionally the creation and amendment of key data such as supplier bank accounts and customer credit limits can be controlled and tracked.

Work efficiently to save time and reduce errors

For efficient working, pre-configured wizards can be created throughout De Facto Financial Software to enable records (such as new customers) to be created in a business specific way. Fast entry fields are also defined to speed up transaction entry in repetitive tasks.

Decrease time spent and increase accuracy

On top of standard facilities, each module in the Finance Suite has additional facilities to significantly decrease time spent and increase accuracy. For example: Purchase Ledger payment run files can be automatically created for use with On-Line banking.

Report comprehensively and incisively

Real-time update of data allows up to the minute reporting. Each module contains comprehensive standard reports which can be sorted, formatted or filtered by the user. De Facto Vistas are also available throughout the Finance Suite allowing the user to build ad-hoc reports or view those that have been previously defined. The Nominal Ledger has a dedicated Financial Reporting Tool to provide business specific reports including Key Performance Indicators. Reports can contain actual, budget, forecast and historically comparative data alongside commitment and quantitative information.

De Facto Business Intelligence will allow a fantastic variety of additional reporting and graphing outputs to be developed. Full integration to Microsoft® Excel is available for those that prefer to prepare and present information via spreadsheets.

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