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ERP Platform

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De Facto® makes it easy to store, retrieve and work with data

  • Flexible options allows you to create business-specific data tables that can either be independent or linked to the core tables
  • Combining structured data with external data sources is simple within SQL Server or other types of database
  • De Facto® filing cabinets provide a complete data storage solution for efficient storage, retrieval, viewing and output 
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More Detail

Create business specific data tables

De Facto® ERP provides the ability for you to create additional tables of data that can be either independent or are linked to core De Facto ERP tables. This flexible approach ensures that all of your data can be worked with easily, within a single fully integrated solution. This additional information can then be used in Windows forms, Data selection Vistas, Documents, Business Intelligence Reporting and all types of websites.

This structured data that is held within the De Facto database can also be combined with other external data sources either within SQL Server or other types of database or data that is available via the web.

Store documents and Images throughout the system for instant retrieval

De Facto filing cabinets provide a complete data storage solution. These filing cabinets are available for all primary data types including CRM Events and enable multiple documents and images to be stored, retrieved, viewed and output. The Document Management module allows automated processing and filing for documents and e-mails into the filing cabinet and other parts of the De Facto ERP system.

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