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Web based solution for Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting across all areas of your business

  • All the benefits of Excel but without the drawbacks of importing data and checking valid versions
  • Multi-user access allowing collaboration and sharing of data across relevant people and departments
  • Can be linked to any or multiple SQL based systems along with other data sources such as excel


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The system enables multiple levels to be created for use within the data view structures. The level forms enable users to create both free text entry levels and data based look-ups, using data from any SQL based system.

Pull 'actuals' from your ERP system and budgets from a spreadsheet to be merged with forecasts added remotely by sales people.


This provides an interface to easily add data to the LevelLinks along with extra columns if required.

Create extra data linked to the original level defined, such as cases / 9 litre equivalents


This defines how a structure is built for use in the data forms. Users are able to use the levels created in the Levels form and also define the columns that will be available along with the calculations for those columns.

Create structures that allow a rolling 12 month view or a mixture of Actual YTD and Forecast for rest of year.


The data grid enables users to create, edit and view information depending on the permission of the user. Real-time data updates and notifications appear so users are aware of other user's changes on the system.

Sales people can add forecast details without changing (or even seeing) other data and calculations.


Security Roles are available to allow or restrict access to both data and the inherent structures.

Sales and Management could see different customer details, different sales data and aspects such as margins / costs could be excluded from Sales


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