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eCRM - a web-based customer relationship management solution


Now you can access and manage your customer and prospect information from anywhere

  • Use our standalone eCRM solution within your desktop web browser or on mobile devices such as the iPad
  • Create and manage trade orders, customers, prospects, suppliers, contacts and addresses directly – wherever you are
  • Maximise the productivity of your sales team with features such as diary planningreporting data and order processing
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Optimised for the iPad

Unlike standard CRM software, our online customer relationship management system is compatible with the iPad and other tablet devices. It can also be accessed via an Internet browser on desktop computers.

Wherever you are – whether that’s en route to an important meeting or on a client’s premises – eCRM gives you the power to access customer information whenever you need it.


Instant access to complete customer data

eCRM can provide full access to your database of customer information, just like a regular CRM system. Any changes you make will be saved, with no time wasted on duplicate data entry.

An online CRM makes customer management easy and efficient. Use the system to create and manage trade orders, customers, prospects, suppliers and addresses – wherever you are.


Day-to-day organisation

Sales, diary and meeting events can all be created and managed within eCRM’s dedicated calendar feature, with integrated mapping functionality enabling you to view events by location.

eCRM software calendar interface

View your to-do list in a
calendar style interface


Google Maps integration with improved visualisation

The Google mapping feature of eCRM means you can better visualise your customers’ locations, plotting them on a map by matching customer data from your back-end CRM with the filters you define.


Enhanced security

Dedicated optional security features make it possible to disconnect the application from a remote location, a useful safety precaution in the event that a company tablet is lost or stolen.

eCRM also allows extensive configuration of roles, so that you can ensure selected members have access only to the information they need.

eCRM software customer list screenshot

The eCRM customer list screen

Keep track of success

De Facto’s mobile CRM solution allows you to browse detailed historical data. Tracking sales events over time, for example, empowers you to enhance your planning techniques and better utilise your sales people.

Need to access business intelligence reports on the move? No problem: eCRM enables you to view reports on task monitoring, product specification, customer summaries, price lists, stock information and much more.


Improve team communication

eCRM helps you manage your sales team more effectively. Use it to view employees’ events by location and plan routes that optimise the use of everyone’s time.

Better yet, this feature can also be used to map out areas of prospective business by displaying the areas you haven’t yet targeted.


Feedback not Hearsay

Using eCRM's unique "Actions" and "Reactions" customer visits are able to be recorded face to face with real measurable and actionable information. Rather than anecdotal notes that few ever read yet alone act on, this system will drive actions that can be both product and service related.

Use the De Facto Dashboard and Business Intelligence modules to gain insightful views of how your customers feel about your products and services, share these with others within your team and supply chain as facts not opinions.

To see a visual example of the feedback data click here >


Intuitive interface

The eCRM interface has been designed to be quick and easy to use, so you can rest assured that your staff will get to grips with it in no time. See for yourself by taking a look at the screenshots (right).

The super slick design can also be customised with your brand’s logo, colours and other visual aspects.

eCRM could be the browser-based CRM solution you’ve been looking for. Get in touch and find out what a difference eCRM could make to your business.

What our clients say

"The De Facto eCRM system has enabled us to streamline the data that is available to our sales reps within an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Being able to use eCRM on an iPad and on any desktop browser means that our sales reps can access the information they need, the moment they need it".

Nick, Associate Director of Finance,

John E Fells & Sons Ltd

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