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Content Management System


A Content Management System (CMS) is a browser-based tool you can use to easily add and edit content on your website, without in-depth knowledge of HTML or CSS.

  • Cut down on web development and maintenance costs
  • Keep your content fresh for better SEO
  • Use language localisation for users from other countries
  • Edit your content in-line or by using the source code view.


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More Detail

Inline Editing

Unlike many other systems out there, De Facto CMS 2.0 lets you edit in line. This means you can see your changes straight away, without having to create content offline and preview/publish to see the new content. This makes it easy to correct those little spelling or grammatical errors that pop up, or quickly make a change to a price.

Integrated e-Commerce

We specialise in end to end solutions. As such, our CMS is also a fully integrated e-Commerce platform. So you can manage your marketing or informational content right alongside a built in Product Catalogue, allowing management of your e-Commerce products in the same user friendly environment.

Multi Language

In today’s global village it is important to cater for local languages for your international audience. Our CMS enables you to easily set up and maintain localised language versions of your website, so you can get your message across in a language they understand.


Ensure the integrity of your branding guidelines by setting up templates for your users, this ensures your content will be presented in a consistently high standard across your all your web pages.

CMS - Content Management System Inline editor

User-friendly Inline editing

Security Roles

Manage who can view/edit/add pages on your site, giving you the control and flexibility to delegate updates to staff across multiple departments and job functions.

Dynamic Routing, Metrics, Token Editor, Scripting

De Facto CMS 2.0 was built to be a tool that is simple to use, but we have many advanced features that make it powerful too! Contact us today to talk about the many advanced features.


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