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Together, we'll indentify solutions that will evolve your business

Project Assessment


Our open and honest approach means you can be certain that we will successfully identify the best solution for you

  • Work with our large and multi-talented team, with specialists in systems, technical, web and business information services
  • Following on from initial discussions and documentation, the first meeting will typically involve demonstrations of relevant products
  • Later, a tailored demonstration in a workshop environment with your example data to fully explore the best possible solution
  • Each stage will be refined and focus in more detail on specific areas of interest, until all parties are confident that the optimal solution has been identified
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More Detail

Building the foundations for success

From the first discussions concerning De Facto® products or services, our aim is to achieve successful identification and implementation of the best solution for you.  This must enable you to evolve your business and give you a tangible and measurable edge over your competition. To provide a solution which is greater than the sum of its parts, we first gain a deep understanding of your business requirements.

Your Enquiry

With over 20 years of business experience, including clients of varying industries and sizes, our large team includes specialists in systems, technical, web and business information services. These business professionals will use their expertise to listen, understand, and clarify exactly what your requirements are.

Whether you require a stand-alone product or service to integrate with your current systems or an end-to end fully integrated solution, we will discuss the suitability of De Facto openly and honestly.

As we get to know your business and requirements and you get to know our people, products and services, together we are able to identify the ideal solutions for your business.

Our Initial Meeting

Beginning the assessment process, we will arrange a meeting with multiple aims. Typically, there will be initial demonstrations of relevant products, in order to supplement previous discussions and documentation. We will continue to refine the business objectives you have for the updating or replacement of your system.

Workshop Reviews

Using information shared in the initial meeting, we will prepare a tailored demonstration in a 'workshop' environment, to fully explore the best possible solutions.

This comprehensive session will normally use example data provided by you. Here we demonstrate major areas of functionality provided in different De Facto products and especially those of significance for your specific needs. This process is often repeated and refined, focusing in more detail on specific areas of interest, until all parties are confident that the optimal solution has been identified.


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