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  • Provides a comprehensive workflow solution which can be configured to suit your business processes
  • Create permissions to allow specific authorisation rights over credit and profit control
  • Output business documentation to any design and in many forms, including email, print and EDI
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Workflow Options

De Facto® provides a comprehensive workflow solution which can be configured to suit your own business processes; supplemented by additional levels of control with 'process status' and workflow controlling 'events'. Most steps can be individual or batch based. Each step provides further configurable options to optimise the flow to your business requirements.

Permissions are created in the De Facto Administration module for users and groups to allow specific authorisation rights, for example, over credit and profit controls.

Rapid Works Order Processing

De Facto Manufacturing Software includes facilities for the quick processing of Works Orders by confirmation of materials used and outputs produced. These facilities are available both directly within the application and on a RDT (Radio Data Terminal) for online data entry.

User based options are available to control their ability to modify materials or operations on Works Orders. A flag is provided to indicate if the Bill of Materials (BOM) on a Works Order has been modified from the original.

Production Batch Processing

A 'Single Process' option provides the ability to process Works Orders from picking through to output confirmation as a single process. This option does not create any work-in-progress entries in the Nominal Ledger, but simply creates entries for the input usage and output creation.

Production Quick Processing

Provides a quick and simple option to complete Works Order processing transactions. This can be configured simply to output produced product or to pick available and required components. The quick process option is also able to capture related labour booking operations.

All business documentation output from the Production module can be generated to any design, and in many forms, such as email, print and EDI with multiple formats such as PDF, XML etc. These options can be set globally and / or defined by customer using the powerful document profile options.

Shop floor data capture using the Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The production processes required to complete Works Orders can be efficiently performed using the De Facto Warehouse Management System with either handheld terminals or fixed input displays. Additional options are available for shop floor data capture via various customised methods that are configured to integrate with specific manufacturing processes and equipment.

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