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Dedicated planning features optimise the production process

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Boost the efficiency of your manufacturing processes with excellent production planning functionality

  • Input requirements are highlighted by a helpful Material Requirement Planning procedure carried out by the system
  • Easy-to-use interface with ‘Auto Fill’ functionality and easy amendment and deletion features
  • Create production plans for operations with multiple sites and varying production capacity
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De Facto® Planning functionality allows production processes and employee productivity to be optimised whilst still meeting customer demand and controlling stock levels of finished products. The planning process can be carried out on a selection of finished or interim products or Bills of Materials (BOMs).

Each production plan can be constructed in either days or weeks. It is based on calculated and actual demand, which can then be amended. The system then in real-time carries out a Material Requirement Planning (MRP) procedure which immediately highlights any input / material requirements. The plan takes into account the lead time for both bought in and produced materials.

Planning Activity

The De Facto planning screen is clear and simple to read. Selected products are displayed with their location, current stock level and future stock level (including the produced amounts.) The 'Auto Fill' option checks all Bills of Materials for required production, taking into account demand up to the selected time slot. The option to highlight related assemblies or components can be activated so that the related items will be highlighted in both assembly and components lists. The table can be filtered to show only the highlighted items.

Production quantities can be amended and products can be deleted. Once the plan has been amended it can be saved and in doing so will generate planning demand within the expediting system, thus allowing relevant Purchase Orders to automatically be raised if needed. The plan then allows the relevant Works Orders to be generated from it either selectively or en mass.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Software

Multi-site Planning

The system can create production plans for operations with multiple sites and varying production capacity. The production areas within each warehouse are classified as a type. Works Orders can then be generated for the selected site and related production areas.

Production area types are specified on BOMs (rather than a specific warehouse) so when works orders are generated for them, they are produced in the correct location.

Individual production area capacity

The maximum capacity of a production area can be specified and auto generated Works Orders can take this into account.

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