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Fixed Assets Software - Transaction Processing

Perfect your process

Say goodbye to slow, inaccurate transaction entry

Fixed Assets Software

Transaction Processing


Work more efficiently thanks to our dedicated transaction processing functionalities

  • No need to use spreadsheets – automatic depreciation calculation and journals reduce errors
  • Speed up and save time: batch processing can be used for acquisition, activation or deactivation
  • When assets are sold, the system will post the relevant journals – leaving a clear audit trail of profit or loss on disposal
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More Detail

Work efficiently to save time and reduce errors

Automatic depreciation calculation and journal posting

Use of De Facto® Fixed Assets Software removes the need to use spreadsheets. Automatic deprecation calculation and journals reduce errors; for example, the Fixed Asset module will not allow negative net book values.

De Facto functionality allows effective entry and processing of many different transaction types:

Batch activities

To speed up processing, batch processing of more than one asset can be used for acquisition, activation or deactivation.

Create purchase orders for Fixed Assets

Fixed assets follow the same purchase process as stock items, meaning orders follow an authorisation process and are traceable within De Facto.

Depreciation Method

Depreciation is calculated on predefined rules for individual asset groups, based on activation dates and residual values. Calculation errors are reduced from spread-sheets, for example the system will not allow negative net book values.

Depreciation Journals

The monthly deprecation routine can be run quickly and journals posted automatically.

Asset Sales

Deactivated assets can be sold in the same way as stock items, generating the sales order and sales invoice. The system will then post the relevant journals, leaving a clear audit trail of profit or loss on disposal.

Obsolete Assets

Obsolete assets, identified quickly through the use of analysis codes, can be deactivated and written off.


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