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Fixed Asset Database

Information central

Create detailed records of every fixed asset in a useful central database

Fixed Assets Software

Asset Database


Maintain records for every fixed asset currently or previously owned by your business in a central system

  • Record detailed information including cost, residual value, depreciation rates and acquisition rate – and much more
  • System makes it easy to create a virtual warehouse and register assets to locations
  • Monitoring return on capital is simple with the integrated costing module
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More Detail

Create Asset Records

De Facto Fixed Assets Software contains a separate record of every fixed asset currently or previously owned by a business. Detailed information includes the cost, residual value, depreciation rates and amount, acquisition, activation and deactivation dates.

Trace Asset History

Compound assets allow additions to be made to the asset value and the depreciation of the increased asset value maintained. This is useful, for example, when assets such as computer servers are upgraded or production lines are refurbished.

It is simple to find purchase invoice details to assist with corporation tax compliance. Each asset also has a detailed description, for example vehicle emission values, to assist in corporation tax calculation.

Identify Assets

To simplify physical asset identification, fixed asset records can be updated with unique tag numbers to reduce the likelihood of theft. Insurance values are also recorded to speed up insurance policy renewals and claims.

Record Location

To record location, a virtual warehouse can be created in the system, split into locations, for example to identify rooms within a building. The asset is then registered in the location with the potential to use the Warehouse Management System to scan assets to process relocations of assets promptly.

Monitor Return on Capital

Return on capital employed for fixed assets used in business activities, such as a production line or transport vehicle, can be monitored in De Facto Job Costing Software. This can be used to capture detailed running costs and, where applicable, revenue generation.

Share Information

A business can easily share information, for example for procurement, IT or maintenance staff to allow assets to be maintained and safeguarded by being regularly checked. The CRM system can be configured to provide relevant alerts and reminders for asset inspections etc.

The asset “Filing Cabinet” can be used to store all sorts of related data such as operational instructions, insurance documents and inspection certificates.


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