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Improve the efficiency of your retail stores with De Facto®

EPOS Software


Boost the efficiency of your retail store and provide great customer service

  • A flexible, scalable solution that supports any number of retail sites, both local and remote to the central ERP system
  • Option to integrate with easy-to-use touch screen technology, reducing processing time
  • Allocate individual users a secure password and configure various levels of access to system features
  • Identify and profile customers, plus process orders against stock held within other stores and warehouses within the EPOS terminal
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Run retail stores efficiently and effectively with De Facto’s Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) Software

De Facto® EPOS Software gives your retail staff an intelligently designed, easy to use till and back office system to enable great store customer service. Full integration to core De Facto Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) allows effective and efficient centralised management of stores, to optimise sales whilst controlling stock and cash.

The EPOS module provides dedicated functionality for the retailer, to go beyond the normal sales order processing and trade counter functionality which is provided as standard within ERP.


Configure a flexible, scaleable solution

The EPOS software supports any number of retail sites, both local and remote to the central ERP system. Each site can have any number of EPOS terminals which can be configured in a master / slave arrangement or independently. Independent master terminals can also use a full version of De Facto ERP, with slave terminals running limited processing. The platform can scale to very large implementations with highly robust operating levels.

Each terminal will ultimately synchronise with the De Facto ERP system using De Facto’s Integration Services layer. Terminals can operate “offline” allowing store service to continue uninterrupted if there are communication problems with the ERP system. All data is stored for automated upload as soon as communication is restored.


Benefit from user-friendly 'one touch' till screens

Most stores use the till system with touch screen technology which reduces processing time. The system is quick and easy to learn with “one touch” buttons provided for regular and significant transactions. Multiple transactions can be “Parked” for subsequent completion and processing.

Screens can easily be configured to suit specific requirements, such as showing selected product related data. There is also a configurable web based content area which can be used to display local or central marketing messages, including graphics and images.

Integration with till drawer, receipt printers, barcode scanners and screen displays can be configured to your requirements by your staff.


Keep systems secure

Individual users have a secure password and can be allocated various levels of access to system features. Users can also be identified using ID tags or barcode scans. All transactions are fully logged, as are voids, refunds and discount price changes.


Control cash receipts and process refunds securely

The EPOS Software allows payment processing via third party card processing solutions, cash (including change calculation), cheque, vouchers or on account (including application of credits).

Refunds can be created from a previous receipt, with value and reason fully controlled and logged. The EPOS module provides dedicated and comprehensive X, Z and till journal reporting.

Access product information instantly with barcodes or RFID tags

Barcodes or Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) can be used to identify products quickly during the sales or product enquiry process. Full product information is also available via direct access to the De Facto database.


Maximise stock turn and keep accurate records

Stock held within other stores and warehouses is visible within EPOS terminals and orders can be taken against this. Central management has clear visibility of stock at all locations, allowing optimisation of company stock levels and effective buying.

Accurate local stock records can be maintained using the stock taking functionality within De Facto. Functionality also allows stock to be written off, for example,  display items or damaged stock returned by customers. A full audit trail of these transactions is available for analysis.


Fulfil all orders

Back orders can be taken and the option to have the goods collected from either the current outlet, another specified outlet or delivered to the customer. Transactions that require delivery will then be fully serviced by the De Facto Transport module.


Drive sales with special offers

Multiple levels of pricing can be used, providing options for quantity breaks by product and product group. Special offers of all sorts can be configured. Manual prices and discounts can be allowed for authorised users, with all price or discount changes being logged and reported.


Identify and profile customers

Sales may be recorded without capturing specific customers but additionally the EPOS software allows ERP account customers to use their credit accounts. This can include options to pay on account referencing pre-set credit checks.

Searches for existing customers can use multiple data items such as name, address or phone number. New retail customer records can be created in store, with definable profile information for subsequent marketing purposes.


Benefit from integration with the De Facto Financial and Distribution suites

In common with all modules EPOS is integrated on a real-time basis with the Financial Suite and Distribution Suite.

Financial posting are configured via highly flexible nominal interface tables, which include the bank account and till reconciliation functions. Integration with the Distribution Suite provides the required product catalogue, purchasing, stock control and delivery scheduling functionality.


Run meaningful store reports

Additional user-definable analysis and reporting can be made available within the retail environment using the powerful De Facto Business Intelligence module. This utilises the power of SQL Server analysis and reporting services to produce reports from both the database and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes.

The OLAP cubes provide instant analysis based on a multi-dimensional model, placing instant answers at your fingertips. Reports can be on-demand or automatically distributed based on pre-determined schedules or triggered via the SQL Server database to be run as alerts when required.


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