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For wholesalers, our systems can help increase your sales volumes utilising multiple trading methods – online, mobile and traditional. Excellent visibility across the business ensures you can be responsive to any customer demands. Purchasing improvements and stock reductions are available and can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Combined with the rapid provision of information directly to your partners, these aspects build brand loyalty and strengthen relationships with customers and suppliers.

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Case Studies

Kestrel Foods

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Distribution and Manufacturing

Staying ahead in the food industry requires strict awareness of stock to ensure products are available for despatch when required. Rapid turnaround and effective distribution management are a must and, seeing the flexibility and reliability of our comprehensive business software, Kestrel Foods chose us in order to achieve success in the food market.
Kestrel Foods have experienced the advantages of stock tracking, providing them with a crucial understanding of their stock position and commitments, significantly improving their picking and distribution efficiencies, ensuring the customer gets the right product at the right time.


Kestrel Foods are based in Northern Ireland and have a significant volume of overseas sales, mainly with the UK. The flexible Accounting module facilitates buying and selling internationally with its multiple currencies consolidation - making trading in Sterling, Euros and other currencies a more simple process.

The level of financial reporting available within De Facto both as standard and within configurable Financial Statements clearly benefits Kestrel Foods when running their business on an international level, from both a Purchasing and Sales perspective.


As a supplier to many large supermarkets, high visibility in production planning is crucial to Kestrel’s success in this competitive market. The system’s powerful features allows Kestrel to plan their production weeks in advance and, through increased product visibility, accurate delivery estimates are ensured as a result.  
Product tracking handles batch control with ease, meaning the company can critically identify specific ingredients within any final product in the case of product recalls, which can often occur when supplying to supermarkets.  
Before the implementation of De Facto ERP’s production module, Kestrel Foods had no true costs of their finished products. With production a major activity, identifying each and every process involved in this phase is essential to determine the true cost of final products. The system crucially handles the costing of each process within production and, as a result, Kestrel have been able to achieve accurate cost control, enabling them to see true margins.
Labour Booking has provided Kestrel a flexible standard facility to book labour to works orders, identifying labour costs, factory cleaning and maintenance, product checking, bagging up and any other labour processes involved in production. Kestrel can apply operations inputs into their Bill of Materials, which can then have labour booked against them during works order processing.

Richard Dawes Fine Wines

Richard Dawes Fine Wines banner image

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Distribution and Manufacturing

A significant part of Richard Dawes’ business is offering wine ‘en primeur’, which involves the purchasing and sale of wine before it has been produced and/or bottled. De Facto’s Distribution and Manufacturing module handles this with ease, enabling Richard Dawes to control en primeur processes effectively.

De Facto ERP allows for the tracking of customer owned stock post invoicing. This means that, when an en primeur transaction is put through and completed, the system will still retain and hold the information until the product is finally delivered, potentially years down the line - giving Richard Dawes complete visibility of where the product is at any time up until delivery. 


Richard Dawes have benefited from the system’s outstanding accounting facilities, giving them a much better view of the financial information at the heart of their processes.

Information is available much more widely, exactly as it is required and without the need for Richard Dawes to employ any dedicated accounts staff.


Richard Dawes decided to capitalise on the internet’s global reach, opting to transform their existing website into an online sales portal. Their previous website was purely informative and generated no direct sales for the company, meaning valuable opportunities were being missed.

With a clear understanding of Richard Dawes’ business goals, we set out to create a website that would stand out in the competitive wine industry. The result is a sophisticated design, encompassing their brand concept to create an elegant E-Commerce website.

The company pride themselves on their ability to provide an expert service, through their vast knowledge and experience of fine wines. With this in mind, we created a structure that would enable Richard Dawes to include detailed content where desired, preserving their ambition to be the perfect wine partner for all fine wine requirements.  


Richard Dawes blog screenshot

Richard Dawes' blog allows them to showcase their industry expertise and promote their products

Constantly striving to develop and expand their business, Richard Dawes sought greater online exposure for their E-Commerce website. Having a presence in social media but with no fresh content updates on their website, they needed a solution to blend the two. Based on competitor research, a company blog was deemed the right way to go.
We incorporated a design coherent to their existing website, with images as a key focus in order to increase the visual appeal of posts. Richard Dawes are able to use the blog as a product promotion platform as well as somewhere to simply share their fine wine knowledge.
The blog allows Richard Dawes to add regular, informative content which generates interest from both existing and prospective customers. Including commenting functionality, their blog entices engagement in order to create a community around their business, helping to position them as experts in the wine industry.  

D & F McCarthy

D & F McCarthy banner image

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Distribution and Manufacturing

The new system needed to be tailored to D&F McCarthy’s sector and accurate management of stock was a crucial requirement to be met. Stock handling is at the heart of the McCarthys' business and the Distribution and Manufacturing module allows McCarthy to carry this out with ease. For this module, stock management is the hub in which all the software’s other processes work. McCarthy know that they are able to rely on the accuracy of the system.
De Facto's Price List features were another of the powerful attributes of the software that really stood out for D&F McCarthy. McCarthy have been able to take real advantage of this in the way that the system handles multiple price lists and gives them the ability to offer and match price lists to particular customers. Being in the food industry, McCarthy needed a system which could handle the fluctuation of fresh produce and De Facto ERP’s ability to manage catchweights is an essential part of the daily use of the system.

What our clients say

"Thanks for the way you guys have delivered the project costing / timesheet work. As usual, you delivered on time and in a positive and helpful way. Thanks also to your staff who travelled vast distances at ungodly hours to be on site for a full day, and for all at De Facto's on-going professional and friendly attitude."

– Hoare Lea Ltd.

"De Facto ERP has enabled HPP to gain great efficiencies in all areas of our business. This partnership has enabled us to focus our efforts on moving the business forward. Our future growth plans all involve working closely with De Facto as their flexibility gives us the confidence that whatever challenge we have, they will be able to handle it."

– Hill's Panel Products.

"De Facto has been an excellent partner in producing and enhancing an IT system that is flexible enough to cope with anything we find to throw at it. Personally, I’m more than happy to recommend this solution to prospective new clients."

– APS Group.

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